SEAT Mii/VW UP!/Skoda Citigo Phone Holder Mount (After 2016)

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  • Seamlessly make use of your car’s built-in dashboard sat nav attachment point, whilst preserving access to the USB port for phone charging.

  • Strong magnets with secure grip give you peace of mind that your device is in safe hands.

  • Compatible with MagSafe devices as standard, but additionally compatible with all Android and iPhone devices using the included magnet adapter plate or purchasable MagSafe compatible ring.

Phone Holder for pre-facelift SEAT Mii/Skoda Citigo/VW UP! With Phone




  • Compatible cars are listed below. Please also ensure that your car has the correct fitting seen in the following image.
    • Seat Mii  After 2016
    • VW UP! After 2016
    • Skoda Citigo After 2016
Left: incompatible attachment point for this product. Right: The correct attachment point for this product.

Note: Please take care to ensure you are purchasing the correct product for your car. This product is only for the mounting point shown on the right as seen in the images above. See here if you require a phone mount for the mounting point shown on the left.



Included with all phone holder products is a compatible metal plate with an adhesive back to stick to your device.

All Android and iPhone devices can work with our phone holder products when using the metal plate or purchasable magnet adapter.

Our phone holder products are MagSafe compatible by design. If using one of the following iPhones, no additional metal plate or magnet adapter will be needed.

  • iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 13 series
  • iPhone 14 series
  • iPhone 15 series

Alternatively, if you are not using one of these iPhones, consider using a MagSafe compatible phone case for a cleaner look. Our favourites are from Mous & Peak Design.



  • Package Contents: Phone Holder x 1, Metal Plate x 1, (optional MagSafe Charger x 1)
  • Item Dimensions: Width: 95mm, Length: 100mm, Height: 100mm.
  • Material: Prusament Matt Black PETG, PU Leather.
  • Charger Tech Specs: Input: 9V-2A /12V-1.5A, Output: 15W Max

2 reviews for SEAT Mii/VW UP!/Skoda Citigo Phone Holder Mount (After 2016)

  1. Mrs L M Kerr (verified owner)

  2. LH

    Perfectly fitting phone mount that is neat, practical and convenient to use with the magnetic holder. Can easily adjust to different heights and directions. A pleasure to use as the phone mount that comes with the Up is bulky, ugly and impractical and only just holds my phone (Samsung A53 so not that large) and only in landscape. I have had to resort to sticking a small magnetic holder on the VW mount! See photos for a comparison of the large, old-fashioned mount that came with the car compared to the excellent Custom Dash Mount version and a final photo of my phone in place. A delight to have something practical and much more aesthetically pleasing in the car. Recommended.

    Image #1 from LH
    Image #2 from LH
    Image #3 from LH
    Image #4 from LH
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